Eating healthy is a lifestyle. Forget about all the diets & things you can't have. Join Suzy and see how you can enjoy all the beautiful foods that nature has to offer and learn how to make them taste delicious! 

Hi, I’m Suzy, the woman behind the apron. As a dedicated home chef, I’ve learned that healthy eating can be fun & very enjoyable! Join me for a virtual cooking class, and see for yourself that preparing healthy meals can be simple & easier than you think as I teach you every step of the way. Come join me and the others weekly as we cook & enjoy our time in the kitchen together creating new habits & enjoying good food! 

"Before I joined Suzy’s program and I had never known how to actually implement a clean eating program.  I had bought every book to do it but I couldn’t figure out where to start.  It felt so overwhelming.  Suzy taught me so many skills along the way like how to batch cook, make freezer meals, meal prep, how to use a knife properly, so many tips & tricks, and so many invaluable things.  Me and my husband ended up doing the classes together and it was so much fun to have him there so we could learn together! " 

Jenny Scothern


Suzy's "Whole Foods 4 Life" coaching program will teach you everything you need to know about cooking with whole foods & how to have a healthy lifestyle!

In this new virtual cooking program, you will be coached once a week for 3 months as you learn all the basics of healthy oils, whole grains, salts, natural sweeteners, and how to eat more fruits & veggies!  The best part is Suzy loves making things taste good, so come join the program and learn how to implement healthy habits, shift your paradigm about dieting, & learn how to eat with the 80/20 principle so that you'll never have to diet again!  We have a great community of support & encouragement & we have a lot of fun too!